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Monday, July 2, 2012

Gabe's Thoughts on Eyewitness Juniors: Amazing Bikes by Trevor Lord

This book is about bikes.  I thought it was cool because it shows you about when the first bikes were made.  I thought the most interesting old bike was the High Wheeler.  This bike had a very large wheel in front and a smaller wheel in back.  It was very hard to get on the High Wheeler.  The motorbike part was interesting too.  They talked about motor bike sports and the different types of motorbikes.  This was a really good book to learn all about bikes.

Full-color photos. Learn about the history of bicycles and motorcycles, and examine fabulous photos of human- and solar-powered bikes, rickshaws, and the many kinds of bicycle races around the world.


  1. We are going to pick this one up!!! My son's love bikes and dad has one even though I don't let the kids ride on it. They love to see dad ride it!!! Wonderful Review:)

    1. Thanks, Krista! Yeah, my boys love anything to do with vehicles. ;O) And they love these Eyewitness books. Motorcycles are off limits to the kids in our family too. My husband and I are firm believers that they are much too dangerous...we won't get on one either.