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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


This is the new book review blog of Gabe and Reece, sons of Michelle at The True Book Addict and Castle Macabre.  The idea behind this blog was inspired by Krista at Book Review Club, who used to blog one week a month with her kids on her blog until she found that they needed their own blog, Lollipops and Books.  Krista and I agree that kids blogging about books makes them want to read even more.  Gabe and Reece sure were excited when I showed them Lollipops and Books and told them that they could do something similar.  They picked the name, the layout and the header image.  Of course, I will help them with editing of posts, etc., but the reviews will be in their words.  I hope you will join them on their journey in books.

Happy Reading!


  1. This is wonderful!!! Love the background:)Great Job boys!!! I love your reads too. Hey Michelle have you tried net galley request some books for your boys! My kids have and love the books, granted they come kindle version but way fun to review them. I will have my kids and I join your boys journey too in books! Love it great job!!!!I'm subscribing by email!!! I'm thinking of only doing email and not GFC to have the kids not focus on the numbers. Are you going to add GFC if so email me and I will join that too. Congrats Reece and Gabe love the blog boys!!!! When you have a button I will add it to both our sites!!!! Love the header:)

  2. Can I just say this header rocks! Love it. I hope you guys ahve a great time with your new blog and I'll be checking it out to see if my son can get some new reading ideas from you.